Web Solutions

Product offer search tools inform research and purchase decisions. The result is real-time delivery of any type of product offer, personalized for your desired brand experience. View web examples below for different customer touchpoints. For enhanced reach, combine web-enabled product offers with mobile and other channels tools such as email, social networks or in-store kiosks.

Online Product Offer Tools

Deployments are configured to integrate seamlessly with existing page elements and reinforce desired behaviors and actions. See other standard deployment elements.

Product Details Pages

  • Concise SKU level offers display on-page automatically
  • Offers selected based on product criteria and user location
  • Message tied to available $savings  

 Product Listings/Browse & Buy

  • Available offers display automatically 
  • Easily distinguish products with offers vs. products without
  • Message activates customers based on available savings. 

 Rebate Center Search/Landing Pages

  • Central location to begin search for all available offers; direct links to product pages 
  • Users customize results with filters for product category, brand, and location. 
  • Results reinforce brand messages (energy efficiency, promotional campaigns, etc.)  

Deployment Elements & Options

No matter where product offers are presented, customers can quickly and easily review important details necessary to redeem. Standard offer details are viewable in a pop-up lightbox and include:


  • Program details ($ amounts, valid dates) 
  • Redemption requirements (utility customer, purchase quantities) 
  • Program or brand sponsors links and claim forms 

Additional elements such as activation/redemption links are options that further enhance and streamline the customer experience.   

A Dynamic Portfolio of Product Level Promotions 

Intersect your customers with all available and relevant offers on the products they want to purchase. Combine and customize offers by product category or SKU to create a portfolio of promotions that is dynamic and compelling. Example offer types include:

  • Trade promotions and manufacturer’s rebates 
  • Utility incentives (appliances, electronics, home improvement, recycling)
  • Instant rebates (register mark-downs; web-based fulfillment, card linked programs)
  • Store or merchant promotions ($ and % discounts, 'buy one, get one')
  • Financing and service offers (delivery, installation, shipping)
  • Daily deals and more


 Personalize the Path to Purchase with Relevant Product Offers