Other Channels

Any customer touchpoint is a point-of-sale opportunity  

It's an omni-channel world. Think beyond web and mobile to deliver relevant product offers anywhere a customer receives product information. Make sure your product offer strategy delivers across any touchpoint to influence purchase decisions.


Engage or re-engage customers with product offers deliver via email. Increase the value of campaings. 

  • Transactional - Product offers embedded in order confirmation emails for post-sale participation. 
  • Marketing - Targeted product offers increase click and conversion rates. 
  • Re-marketing - Product offers increase message effectives for Abandoned carts, New products, or Recently view items.

In-Store Terminals

Integrate product offers into in-store terminals or kiosks to give sales associates more sales engagement horsepower. Personalize the in-store experience with searchable product offer capabilities.

Banner ads 

Use banner advertising to entice shoppers with relevant product offers. Our search tools can generate clicks and improve banner effectiveness. Generate leads with targeted, localized offers delivered with one easy tool.

Social Networks

Let our locally-available, product-specific offers power your social commerce initiatives. Integrate Product Offer & Rebate into Facebook.


Customer Support

Agents with Product Offer data are better able to assist customers. EcoRebates Product Offer marketing platform gives your call center associates the ability to be product and brand ambassadors. Direct integration of EcoRebates data with CRM systems and call centers to provide localized rebate data.

Direct Mail/Print

Targeted Product Offers put the strategy back into direct mail campaigns. With Product Offers relevant to localized customer segments, your print campaigns will deliver improved ROI.

Engage customers with Product Offers at any touchpoint