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You'd like to enhance engagement by connecting customers with incentive program offers

Energy efficiency programs are growing. Now the challenge is to scale and transform these programs to achieve additional savings targets. Yet, customer awareness is not optimized. Complexity and manual processes continue to dampen growth. And, validation, reporting and attribution requirements limit participation. You'd like to:
  • Connect purchase-ready customers with rebate offers
  • Simplify and automate midstream/upstream & POS-based programs 
  • Streamline program fulfillment with instant rebate processesing 
  • Collaborate more with retail, manufacturing and industry partners 
  • Execute without adding more staff and IT resources 

How our Tools Help

EcoRebates secure, web-hosted 'software as a service' platform aggregates all types of rebate and incentive programs and provides utility and energy industry clients with a unique set of capabilities.

Our suite of utility solutions includes: 

Web+Mobile Rebate Finder Tool Power Up Savings

Find and promote incentive offers. The same industry-leading tools deployed for retailers and manufacturers are available for utilities.

Drive utility-branded program promotion & awareness with search tools that quickly determine which products qualify for rebate savings within your service area. Learn More.


Midstream/Upstream Incentive Management Simplified

Verify and validate these complex multi-party programs. Programs are expanding into high-impact but complex product categories such as lighting, consumer electronics and appliances. Retailers want to participate but often don't have the resources. 

EcoRebates provides an easy and automated process to help utilities transform the way mid-stream energy incentive programs operate. Learn More.


Rebate Offers Automated with Instant Fulfillment

Integrate with POS to fulfill with simple yet secure process. 

 Rebate Concierge, our Instant Rebate platform, automates rebate submission, validation and payment in a consumer-friendly process.

We bring all the solution elements and retail partners together to optimize the rebate experience for your customers. Learn More.


How you'll benefit

Drive program success with increased product sales and energy savings. 

  • Enhanced visibility of your rebate incentive programs 
  • Single platform of hundreds of thousands of products, efficiency attributes and existing programs
  • Reduce errors and delays with automated & simplified processing solutions 
  • Secure, web-hosted service model means no custom IT work. Fast deployments. 
  • Collaboration opportunities with our existing industry ecosystem partnerships. 


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